Aligarh Muslim youths bash up man for reading Ram Charita Manas

Two radicalised Muslim youths assaulted a Muslim man for reading Ram Charita Manas and Bhagwat Gita in his house in Aligarh in UP on Thusday (June 4). According 55-year-old Dilsher, he was abused and brutalised by two youths Zakir and Samir who also tore away the scriptures. The assaulters then threatened Dilsher of dire consequences if he stopped reading Hindu scriptures.

According to a media report, Dilsher, a security guard, told the police that he used to read these scriptures since 1979 and it gives him mental peace. The youths broke his harmonium also.

Dilsher said: “I returned from duty and after taking a bath, I was preparing to read Ram Charita Manas when these youths came and attacked me. Reading the scriptures gives me mental peace. However, I face protests from my own community from time to time.”