After overground Urban Naxals staged protest, it’s time for some anarchy on the skies

    Violators of inflight rules world over are tackled with utmost seriousness, and ‘politico-social activists ‘who indulge in midair anarchy are the most potential threats to passenger safety.

    But in India, even such serious crime is meant to be hid behind ‘freedom of expression’ and innocuous ‘show of dissent’, thanks to the biased support of the media and left liberals to such potentially dangerous misdemeanors.

    Recently, a 22 year Tamil “student” doing some research in Canada, broke into a menacing anti-establishment sloganeering without any provocation, while on board a flight from Chennai to Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. A complaint was subsequently lodged by a senior BJP functionary of the state who is also a responsible citizen, and a doctor by profession (which the media never mentioned), who happened to witness the ruckus and unruly behaviour, and the activist was detained and arrested under appropriate charges under IPC and later granted bail. All the while, the scholar brazened it out by refusing to even apologise for her act , in fact openly justifying it.

    But for our media , the “cute baby faced innocent scholar from Canada is a victim of persecution by the high handed police; as per them , she was incidentally struck by her own Eureka moment, a Naxal vision which made her break into a short jig of ‘Communist trance’ in flight.

    And if we have to believe them, all co – passengers are expected to bear with her sinister act of ‘freedom of expression’.

    ‘She obviously has no affiliations with any dangerous ideology’, so has been guaranteed by the left liberals , most of them who are themselves overground Urban Naxals in their own accord .

    Do ‘innocent scholars’ indulge in such overt anarchy? Does the state has no right to question, detain and book people who show such pernicious hatred for the state.

    You have all right to express your dissent for the state, which is freely being exercised by opponents every now and then, but it should be within the precincts of Law and Democratic values.

    Is it not a fact that such a level of hatred and belief in their ideology only leads to extreme steps of terrorism? Should such characters not be scrutinized, or we should wait for the ‘cute girl’ to hijack a plane next time, to lodge a protest against the Fascist BJP Government?

    Any such incident happening in any civilized country, would have invoked much severe charges vis-a-vis inflight behaviour.

    The west has learned from its mistakes , after they realised that most of the deadly ‘ lone wolf ‘ attacks are done by people who had a streak of similar behaviour , albeit of a minor kind , who were let off earlier with minor reprimand . But we are yet to learn, and make concessions as per our bias and perceptions.

    The ‘Air Rage’ rules have been made very stringent especially after the 9/11 terrorist attack that changed the course of history, and also made the ‘inflight zone’ as most sensitive, with zero tolerance for any nuisance .

    The ‘innocent scholar’ can try this act of show of dissent midair in Canada, only at the risk of being kicked out and deported back by the next flight. (If she is lucky enough to be spared a long jail sentence and a hefty fine.)

    The Urban Naxal, waiting in her wings, has taken her first flight to glory.

    She has ingratiated herself to her ideological gurus, who have taken notice of this budding talent, Lois Sofia.

    And for sure, we have not seen the last of her acts of anarchy.


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