After 24 Years, Kerala BJP Activist’s ‘Accident’ Death Turns a Murder by Islamic Terrorists

24 years after the death of a BJP worker in Kerala which was believed to be an accident turned a murder case when two men belonging to the terror outfit Jamaat-ul-Ishanya arrested revealed that it was not an accident, but a cold-blooded murder by Islamic fundamentalists. Following the disclosure, the Crime Branch has decided to reopen the case.

The revelation on the ‘accident’ death of a BJP worker Mohandas came as the police questioned two accused in the Thozhiyoor Sunil murder case. As per police reports, the two accused, who are also Jamaat-ul-Ishanya activists revealed that the incident was a planned murder. The investigation team is also looking into the possibilities of various other murders executed by the terror outfit.

The suspects in the 1994 Thozhiyoor Sunil murder case were arrested a quarter-century after the then sensational crime. The Kerala High Court had earlier acquitted four CPM activists who were arrested and sentenced for life imprisonment over the killing of the RSS activist. The Crime Branch later arrested two Jamaat-ul-Ishanya activists in connection with the incident.

With the new development, the involvement of Islamic terror organisations on various BJP-RSS activists’ murder cases is being spotlighted. Between 2000 and 2016 alone, 65 RSS or BJP workers were brutally killed in the state, most of the cases being named as ‘political rivalries’. While a few communist workers are held responsible for the murders, in many other incidents Islamic extremists are the accused in the cases.


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