Aadhaar will be linked with driving licence, says Ravishankar Prasad

Union IT and Communication Minister Ravishankar Prasad has said that Driving Licence will be linked with Adahar card to check forgery. He was addressing a function in Patna yesterday. Mr Prasad said duplicate driving license could not be made if Aadhar becomes mandatory for it.

Mr Prasad said Aadhar is playing a vital role in checking corruption. He added that one lakh 47 thousand 677 crore rupees has been saved in the government exchequer due to digital identity through Aadhar.

There were reports earlier that India will soon start issuing unique numbers for landholdings which will also be linked with Aadhar. Proposals to link Aadhar with various other departments are also in consideration which is expected to make Aadhar a single document that could serve the purpose of a number of other services.


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