A Song Without a Title

CELTIC SONG Painting by TIMOTHY M Parker,

I have found the style of changing with time,
I have found this mood to change with the weather,
No matter how the situation is, I live,
I do not complain to anyone.

There is no one like desires,
Don’t make me cry ever.
I understand the fate which I get,
If you don’t get it, I don’t regret it.

Sadness (? Coot the pieces, I make the drink,
After eating sorrow, I feel like drinking it.
It is a drunk night, life is very beautiful,
Today, the night of living has come.

We fly with the opposite winds,
The winds have speed up with me,
We are the ones who fly this.
If I don’t have a family, whom will I fly?

I have added the broken stones again and again,
Every time the oppressors have broken it,
Now someone will not be able to break it.
I have decorated my heart with stones.

Don’t forget to understand me a body,
What will you make us burning in the pyre,
I will scatter smoke in the world,
My own ashes will come into the garden.

significant writers in india: amar pratap singh
(C) Amar Pratap Singh