A Fool’s Paradise

Falling down and rising up,
It’s mandatory!
And go for it with all chill.
Pick things the way they come,
When life is too short
Let the clashes in the midst,
Don’t clasp you down!

Think in wide matters that take you to the poles-
Let imagination, so in its beauty-
Keep your mind too well.
Dreams let them live within you-
Inhaling and exhaling your finer spirits.
And explore out, in days and night
The dreams and imagination in match.

Watch out the eagle that flies so high,
And in ease gallops down for the prey.
Without ever giving in for a fool’s paradise-
And it seems an eagle’s eye view,
May aid you at times often.
So good luck and move on!
When much goes priceless…

Parvathy Ramachandran