A feminist wants a condom shop in Sabarimala, another wants to visit during her periods

    Not devotion, these feminists want to visit the hill shrine to provoke Hindus

    Anna Sarah Rahel

    Rahel is a Christian feminist. In a provocative post she admitted that she visited Chettikulangara temple several times during her periods. Excerpts from the FB post. “If I am alive I would enter Sabarimala during my periods. (It is your luck that the idol in the Chettikulangara temple is intact even after having entered the temple several times during my periods.) If I want, I will have sex with Ayyappan two-three times. It’s not out of faith. It is the protest of women with spines against discrimination meted out to them. Let me see if your Naishtika Brahmachari (Lord Ayyappa) can stop me. Otherwise get ready to set up a condom shop in Pampa. We are coming..” After the post became viral, she withdrew her Facebook page.

    Reshma Nishant

    Reshma Nishant, a hard-core Marxist, hailing from Kerala’s killing field Kannur. She used to be an atheist and suddenly turned a devotee of Lord Ayyappa after the Supreme Court verdict. The Left leaning media outlets are giving her publicity. She says she will go with a group of women to Sabarimala.

    Rashmi Nair

    A controversial model who was arrested along with her husband Pasupalan, a hardcore Marxist, expressed her desire to visit temple whatever it takes. Her husband used to solicit customers for her flesh trade. She said she won’t hesitate to step on the devotees’ chests if they block her way.

    Rahana Fathima

    Rahana Fathima is a model who wants to visit Sabarimala though she doesn’t believe in any god. However, she says she believes in Lord Ayyappa. She is known for appearing in skimpy clothes and outrageous comments, posted a picture of her clad in Sabarimala costume and sitting in a vulgar manner.

    Tripti Desai

    Rashmi Nair

    This Maharashtrian feminist wants to visit Sabarimala to challenge the existing traditions. To visit Sabarimala, one needs to observe 41 days of fast. It is not known whether she would be observing these obligations. However, devotees have pledged not to allow women in the age-group of 10-5o years.