A Dream Come True

It was my dream since the very day I embraced Sanyasa to have a lonely place, under the tree, near a river bund, away from hussel and bussel of the urban landscapes, a place that we call as the abode of silence. Throughout my journey I was searching for the same during my Parivrajaka life, to create a space for sadhana for me and devotees. But it was in vain.

Few months back when I was chanced to visit one of my devotees in a village near Navasari in Gujarat, casually the devotee took me to a river side. The village is Nogama and the river is Ambika, where I found a very old tree (Vata vruksh) spreading to a vast area, sheltering lot of birds, giving shadow for many.

This place was almost two kilometers far from village, with a calm , quiet, serene, beautiful atmosphere. A positive thought clicked and I asked devotees whether we can construct a platform (chabuthara) under the tree enabling devotees can do their sadhana without any discomfort.

And the construction started , and with the financial support of devotees globally and sramadan seva of youngsters of village the construction work completed in three months. Round about 12 laks spent, with the wholehearted support of all to create this positive vibrating space for Sadhana where around 500 sadhaks can sit to do sadhana.

Now this place is known as SADHANA STHALI & Manava Seva Samiti, Nogama village, Navasari, Gujarat is taking care.

On the auspicious day of Deepavali, 14 the November , a day long program being organized with Vruksha pooja, Ambika nadi pooja, lighting 1008 lights (mitti ki deeyas), prasad distribution etc.


Devotees are welcomed to make use of this space for your sadhana.

Avadhoota Nadanand