A Degree in Selfie: Murder

We are in beta testing stage
Having graduated
slicing throats of helpless animals
We have graduated with honors
We wear with pride our degree
titled  B.Ani. ‘Butcher Of Animals’
Now next is ofcourse a post graduation
Titled B.Hu  ‘Butcher of Humans’
We excelled in the prelim
And will be given extra marks
For our show of extra-ordinare bestality
Today when we took the selfie
With our  trusting hungry victim
Haplessly bound hand & feet
Yet with his saucer sized eyes
Knowing not we are mere human look alikes
With no compassion or feeling for the living
It’s twisted law of nature,
In the wild animals kill to eat
In the human fields,
man kills for a laugh & aselfie
He poured mirth sharing our laughter
Little knowing the pain to come
From the merciless bludgeoning
We were planning to rain on him
For crime to be on the other side
Impoverished and poor,
and to compound his crime
to be mentally unstable
So he walked into our evil plans
Cupping a handful of stale rice
To appease hunger of a neglected life
And that was enough for the verdict
He had to die, a ready victim
The test animal for lab of life
We beat him black and blue
His screams for mercy unheard
Though every nook hold a desolate shrine
For the God’s have long fled
This God forsaken country
We beat him brutally and watched his life keep
All the while not forgetting the selfies
Hoping to capture his tortured soul
Escaping the wounds of ‘humane’ demise
We got our practice , achievement badge
And now we are all prepped for the bigger fight
To earn our P.G specialized in human butchering.

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