Painting: Painting: Forest of the Guardians by Osnat Fine Arts

Another dusty evening, I rushed excitedly to keep my date
There HE was at the bend of the path as usual never ever late
Like a sturdy shore at the cusp of day and night waiting to embolden
Me an optimistic but timid wave, to come back stronger when broken
Bidding goodbye to the light of the universe decked in a fiery shade
Began another stroll, our footsteps the only sound in that open abode

The night got darker, halted I for there was a rustle of leaves so faint
Tugging HIS robe, I asked of HIM, our encompassing silence who has tainted?
HE smiled playfully to say Am I not with you, why do you fear?
In your looming presence fear I nobody, but aren’t we being stalked dear?
As the shadow came nearer, uneasiness crept, I prodded further
Do you know his name, can you reveal his identity , HIM I bothered…..

My buddy replied….

“He is an omnipresent entity, much much older and stronger than me
His tentacles spread wide and far, he can bring anybody on their knees
An encounter specialist armed with an account book, he is both angel and devil
He stalks all, the good and the evil, to reward or to bring them to peril
For every righteous tear that rolls down he is designed to take revenge
Each and every deliberately inflicted pain he unbiasedly vows to avenge”

The jackals are howling, the hyenas are laughing it’s time we retreated
This moonless night I wanted to spend with HIM, my curiosity to defeat
HE relented and offered to keep vigil nightlong, as on HIS lap I rested
Who is this more powerful than my Knight, the thought caused unrest
A gentle breeze blew, I prodded again What is this entity’s name?
HE gently caressed to say You have nothing to worry in this game
I have adjusted your records……Let me put you to sleep with a lullaby

But I insisted… my stubbornness too was endearing for him ……
In the bewitching silence of that night, HE echoed……


Poem by Sushma Nair (Sanwi)