A case for rewriting Indian History

In the year 1929, the then British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin delivered a speech in the House of Commons which consisted of, “By establishing British rule in India, God said to the British, ‘I have brought you and the Indians together after a long separation…it is your duty to raise them to their own level as quickly as possible…brothers as you are’.” And the hidden objective, a despotic and nefarious one, was not far from the declaration…that oppressive British rulers were not aliens but our very own long-lost cousins condescended to descend as avataras and uplift our destiny to our highest potential. What a macabre joke perpetrated on pauperised, plundered and poor inhabitants of the country by the British.

When the country was liberated from exploitative British yoke of slavery, famous and erudite historians viz. RC Mazumdar, Jadunath Sircar, Neelkantha Shastri and several others were busy registering major discoveries in Archaeology at locations like Lothal, Kalibangan, etc. that were adding to understanding of our glorious past. Founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan KM Munshi undertook a comprehensive research project that culminated in 11 volumes of History And Culture Of The Indian People. This one golden period for Bharatiya historians lasted till the tragic and unfortunate death of LB Shastri, the then Prime Minister in 1966. In Parliamentary elections that followed, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi could not muster absolute majority in the lower house on her own hence, she was compelled to bank upon Marxist members in the house for the sake of survival in power. It was then that the sordid saga of demanding their pound of flesh from the government commenced. Their nefarious designs included falsification of history concurrently with ‘secularisation’ of entire education system in consonance with Marxism, an intellectually bankrupt ideology.

DK Chakravorty, a distinguished historian who taught History and Archaeology till recently at the University of Cambridge, disclosed, “Since coming of this group to power, the world of Indian historical studies has been largely criminalised.” Arun Shourie too confirmed in his book Eminent Historians, a trinity of trolls comprising of Romila Thapar, RS Sharma and Irfan Habib manipulated crucial institutions like ICHR/NCERT, delivered impetus of their decline and degradation. In addition to outright blatant falsification of authentic history, these three criminals embezzled tax-payers’ money meant for research projects that were never undertaken. Out of these three, the most malicious and malevolent is Irfan Habib whose Ph.D. scholar Tasneem Ahmed plagiarized entire work of Parmatma Saran for his thesis…and Tasneem Ahmed declared in his fraudulent thesis quite reverentially, “..Irfan Habib encouraged and guided me at every stage of the work,” according to the Eminent Historians.

Marxist intellectuals were so hell-bent in indoctrinating entire intelligentsia of the country. They propagated the theory of Aryan invasion. They were determined to negate everything even remotely linked with Sanatana Dharma as having been brought into the country by Aryan  intruders, that Vedic  wisdom was brought by Alexander…and Hindus contributed just about nothing. Archaeological evidence and DNA Finger-Printing techniques have proved beyond an iota of doubt that the Aryan Invasion theory was an utter sham so much so that even BBC were compelled to admit in their report dated October 6 of 2005, “It (Aryan Invasion Theory) gave a historical precedent to justify the role and status of British Raj, who could argue that they were transforming India for the better in the same way that the Aryans had done thousands of years earlier.” As Brits wished to establish, they were neo-Aryans. Yet Romila Thapar obstinately adhered to the decrepit doctrine even thereafter. She refused to accept findings of DNA Techniques too. “They have made India out to have been an empty land, filled by successive invaders. They have made present day India, and Hinduism even more so, out to be a zoo – an agglomeration of assorted, disparate specimens. No such thing as ‘India’ just a geographical expression, just a construct of the British; no such than as Hinduism, just a word used by Arabs to describe the assortment they encountered, just an invention of the communalists to impose a uniformity – that has been their stance. For this they have blackened the Hindu period of our history, and, as we shall see, strained to whitewash the Islamic period. They have denounced ancient India’s social system as the epitome of oppression, and made totalitarian ideologies out to be egalitarian and just.” so says Arun Shourie in his Eminent Historians. Very strong expressions, indeed.

In this sinister conspiracy, they succeeded to a great extent. We ignorantly and assiduously raised an army of ‘Desi’ Brown Britishers who were more British than British themselves. Their mission was to paint Hindus primitive and obliterate into oblivion, inhuman horrors perpetrated by despotic Mughal and British captors. Medieval Hindus certainly had several deformities in their societies yet they did not deserve the tortures committed upon them by Mughal invaders and British. Ironically, these so-called experts knew nothing about Indology, Sanskrit or even Archaeology. For instance, Romila Thapar knows no Sanskrit and her fraudulent work is based on translations done by Europeans. She drafts and composes so deceptively that a charlatan appears eminent. Continuing with this dubious movement, lot many overseas scholars have been attracted with the twin objectives of falsifying history as well as indoctrinating poor, illiterate ones with Christianity. Steve Farmer, Michael Witzel of Indo-Eurasian Research and Edwin Bryant are some of the malevolent, venomous Hindu-haters who have joined ranks with Romila Thapar et.el.

There is yet another band of unscrupulous, dishonest ‘intellectuals’ who have joined the ranks with Pseudo-Eminent Historians whose mission is to completely negate contributions, sacrifices of great personalities viz. Vir Savarker, Netaji Bose, Sardara  Patel, Mahamana  Malaviya, Dr. SP Mookerjee and highlight dubious roles of MK Gandhi, JL Nehru and the entire Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra clan with respect to independence struggle and re-construction of Britain-ravaged Bharata. Amartya Sen, a celebrated non-historian and Hindu-hater, declares that MK Gandhi never brought religion into politics. It is blatantly false and a provocatively sinister declaration. Gandhi participated in Khilafat Movement at Moplah that triggered massacre of thousands of innocent Hindu-s in Moplah, a fact unsuccessfully suppressed by anti-national ‘Eminent Historians’ of the like of Romila Thapar. Amartya Sen is an economist and not a historian at all !!! Yet another Joker-Historian Ramachandra Guha declared in ‘India After Gandhi’ that last British Viceroy Mountbatten was solely responsible for the partition and JL Nehru was in no way complicit at all. In his another title ‘Makers Of Modern India’, does not mention Swami Vivekananda, Maharsi Aurbindo, KM Munshi, Netaji  Bose or even Sardara  Patel for that matter !!! The Anti-National / Pseudo-Secular / Pseudo-Eminent historian that Guha is, eulogised in detail, travails of a British missionary Verrier Elwin who exploited tribal girls in the name of research in Anthropology !! Justice Sudhir Agarwal of Allahabad High Court severely indicted these Secular-Eminent-Pseudo historians for their unethical, criminal indulgences in fabricating confusion, controversies and conflicts in his judgement on Ramjanmabhumi  dispute. Only if historians had stuck to their worth instead of being worthless, loss of so many lives and widespread strife would not happened at all. They fabricated lies and damned lies that no temple ever existed there, no structure was destroyed by Mughals yet it was known as Janmasthana  Masjid as if Mohammed was born over there !!! “Experts” admitted on oath they knew nothing about genesis of the dispute and never studied Archaeology / Indology / History at all !! Shireen Ratnagar, JNU Professor of Archaeology admitted in High Court before judges, she never studied Archaeology and she was trained by Romila Thapar.

Time is a great leveller. Several conscientious scholar historians have come up who are determined to stem the rot and expose those ‘Enemies of the Nation’. These are Kamlesh Kapur, Michel Danino, Sanjeev Sanyal etc. From ancient to medieval to modern history, Hindus are gradually coming to know about their glorious past and commendable achievements. With the new Government in power, future of dissemination of authentic wisdom and accurate version of history is bright. Organisations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have launched Itihas Sankalan Yojana who have been brilliantly engaged in unravelling all the truths, hidden hitherto. ‘Secular-Eminent Pseudo-Historians’ and the entire trash created by them in the name of history, is mercifully now, destined to be rubbished publicly. They do not deserve anything better in terms of obsequies.



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