Large scale thievery of rare earth minerals reported during UPA rule (2004-14) from southern Bharatiya coast was engineered by selfish American lobbies championing US causes. Probably that was the pre-condition before signing Bharata-US Civil Nuclear Agreement. They even wished to destroy Rama Setu for the purpose of mining those rare earth in connivance with downright corrupt Bharatiya bureaucrats and anti-national politicians.

    Wal-Mart has been accused of paying some Rs. 125 Crores on lobbying with Bharatiya authorities for entry into lucrative Bharatiya retail market worth $500 Billion.

    Nefarious business activities of Enron are too well known. Mercifully the company sunk into the Arabian Ocean for the betterment of the world !!

    All US corporate entities can go to any extent to increase their profits putting many tom-tommed rules of business ethics to shame. They do not mind even destroying the environment of the country concerned wherein they camp to reap profits.

    All these corporate strategies are in all probability, crafted deviously by US consultants. Most prominent name that appears on the horizon happens to be McKinsey & Co.

    So-called largest consultants in the world, McKinsey’s Consultants always championed strategies which are arguable of no significance. For instance, their focus on Core Competence, divesting from diversification strategies is one of the most debatable/controversial strategies that they peddle. Through this strategy, they tell you a time of the day/night after taking away your watch! That is probably the hidden purpose of most of the consultancies across America.

    Two McKinsey Consultants, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman wrote IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE based on research which they admitted, was concocted. Endless greed and endless chase for more causes championed by the father of capitalism Adam Smith and other wannabe champions like Ayn Rand cause made famous much later by the character of Gordon Gekko in the movie WALL STREET with his powerful line, “GREED IS GOOD”, constitute real American religion. All American ills have been caused by this dubious philosophy of “GREED IS GOOD”.

    First recorded greed related madness was in the 1630s in the form of TULIPOMANIA when Dutch thought there would be an endless demand for their Tulips in the whole world! One tulip bulb could be exchanged for a new carriage with two grey horses and a complete harness!

    Next was the 1849 California Gold Rush that developed California but killed 1,00,000 native tribal Red Indians.

    Great Florida Real Estate Boom in the 1920s saw thousands of Americans left homeless in the mad buying spree of real estate all over, followed by steep asset crash down and they all going bankrupt in one consolidated go.

    Great Depression of 1929 is yet another example of American greed surpassing all human limits of frailties, setting newer benchmarks of lunacy to be emulated by subsequent generations.

    Our generation has been ‘fortunate’ to witness the great dot-com bust with a massive recession in 2008.

    Capitalism is loaded with such desperate situations owing to greed, madness…only a few become rich while the majority remains poor, then bust follows cyclically.

    Americans lead by miles in corporate and white-collar crimes. From Madoff Ponzi scheme to doctors doctoring diseases to corner more insurance money, tobacco companies hiding and manipulating research proving carcinogenicity to earn billions, religious frauds, cyberspace frauds polishing off money from people’s credit card, fake financial Guru-s to Enron, insider trading scam of Galleon Group involving Rajat Gupta are some of sterling examples. American greed is ably symbolised by the ratio of compensation between an American CEO and his worker i.e. in the order of 300:1! When companies recover from the recession, they just do not take back those fired earlier, into employment. Iran-Contra Affair during Ronald Reagan, Keating Five Corruption Case wherein 700 financial companies filed for bankruptcy, oil-related scandals during Presidency of Bush, wars to capture oil wells, bloody dictators propped for selfish interests are diabolical deeds that reveal the ugly face of America. If Goldman Sachs were precariously poised financially and their adorable Director Rajat Gupta holding degrees from IIT, Delhi and the so-called prestigious Harvard Business School were compelled to accept rewards of their American greed, they just deserved that as a measure of holy nemesis.

    The worst aspect of their muscular might was bared during World War-II by nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan that led to at least two generations in that country being wiped out completely. And the pinnacle of their brutal intentions was revealed in carpet-bombing of Vietnam ordered by President LB Johnson in 1960s to eradicate Communism with rivers of human blood flowing all over in that country. LBJ turned so remorseful that he declined to contest Presidential election for the second term and died a very dejected man.

    Their entire opposition to incumbent Prime Minister Modi had been based on his action of banning conversion of innocent Gujarat tribals to Christianity through fraud and deceit when he was the state Chief Minister, by malevolent American missionaries. For such nefarious intents, they enacted a law, International Freedom of Religion Act 1998, revoked his Visa and banned his entry into the USA as a private individual. Who are they to enact laws in such a damned Parliament and impose that upon the world? Who are they to worry about religious freedom in other countries? To ensure American Gunda-ism, they constituted UN, World Bank, IMF and so many other bodies like WTO, GATT. They all work in tandem with the sole purpose to bully the world and continue with uninterrupted exploitation. Coming back to the issue of banning entry of Prime Minister Modi into America, reason officially proffered by them had been Gujarat 2002 riots !! Since when have they been in love with Muslims? What is their own track record of dealing with Muslims in the USA itself? Now a notorious American magazine TIME has declared Prime Minister Modi Divider-In-Chief. As if they cannot tolerate assertive Hindu-unity in a mighty nation that is Bharatavarsa !! That is the seamier side of the so-called most powerful country in the world, United States of America. The bubble-upsurge has already burst and the downward sinking has started.

    Long ago, way back in 1982, my Professor of Business Mathematics and Operations Research used to say in a classroom with a twinkle in his eyes, “99% AMERICANS ARE 100% IDIOTS”. How ironical, how true was he !! Perfectly on dot.

    They urgently need to learn some lessons of enlightenment on Samyama, Yajna…holistic way of life from Hindus. Better they all convert to Hinduism and United States Of America be declared a Hindu nation.

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