7 Girls Raped In Kerala Muslim Orphanage: Main accused sentenced for 15 years

A Kerala court today sentenced the main accused in the rape case of seven girls in a Muslim orphanage in Kerala’s Wayanad 15 years in jail and fined Rs 70,000. Though 11 cases are registered under the same, the sentence pronounced is on the 1st case, the remaining cases are pending.

The incident happened in the year 2017 when children studying in 8 and 9 classes were raped by brutally raped by VP Nasar, a resident of the neighbourhood. Children were taken to a nearby room where they were raped for about 3 months.

In March 2017, police arrested six people in connection with the rape of girls. The Kalpetta police have registered 11 cases in connection with the incident. Police had collected scientific evidence such as DNA and mobile phone data.

Mobile and DNA The police carried out a scientific investigation, including tests. The caps, including the clothes of the accused, were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Thiruvananthapuram.