“50-year-old Pappu should be sent to political playschool”, Naqvi slams Rahul Gandhi

A day after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi called Prime Minister as “Surender” Modi, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Monday said that the Congress family should send Rahul Gandhi to a “political playschool”.

“The family should sent its 50-year-old Pappu to a political playschool. Till he is not sent to a political playschool the feudalist approach and abusive language won’t stop. He does not understand the country’s culture, traditions, and believes in baseless rumours to create a political ruckus. Sometimes he raise questions on the country’s security, economy and even ledership,” Naqvi told news agency ANI.

“Such words can only come from those who are ignorant. You keep abusing the Prime Minister day in and out. Use slangs for him. The word which are used by him have not been seen in the country’s history and politics. It is high time to get it corrected,” he added.

On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi had launched an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him “Surender Modi,” referring to an article on the India China border dispute.