5 simple reasons Rahul Gandhi doesn’t fit to be a Prime Minister


    As the congressmen continue their wicked game of shameless politics, the majority of people in India still believes that Rahul Gandhi never fits to be a Prime Minister of India and quite interestingly they seems to laugh while hearing his name associated with the prime ministership. Here are 5 reasons they point out:

    1. Basically, today he is there in Indian politics only because he belongs to the Royal Gandhi family. There were and are many more deserving persons in the party.
    2. He is yet to be politically matured. He needs to convince the senior members of his own party so that they extend full support to him.
    3. Listen to his various speeches delivered in India during the last 4 years. Many a time, people wonder whether he is really 47+. If he is selected as PM of India, indeed, India will lose pride.
    4. He is not a full-time politician or behaves as if he is forced to join INC. After every defeat, this gentleman remains absconding for many weeks. Is it a sign of a good politician?
    5. His intentions are suspicious. We still do not know the details of his visits and meetings in China nor does he reveal the reasons behind a number of other visits to foreign nations.

    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are those of various people interviewed. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Indus Scrolls.


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