3 Muslim youths among 4 who assaulted Abdul Samad, say Ghaziabad Police; local SP politicians, propagandists behind giving communal colour

A major controversy erupted after a video of attack on Sufi Abdul Samad, a resident of Bulandshahr, by four men emerged. The video triggered outrage on social media and propagandists Rana Ayub and Assassudin Owaisi gave it a communal colour and projected it as an attack by ‘Hindutva’ activists. Many Pakistani politicians and anti-Hindu commentators in West also have tweeted the video. 

In another video, which was shot later the victim claims that he was also called a ‘Pakistani spy’ and was forced to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’ and ‘Vande Mataram’. The TOI has reported that in the FIR Samad has not mentioned the assaulters forcing him to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’. 

Now, the police investigation has found that all the culprits except one were Muslims. According to the police, the man who wrote ‘Jai Sri Ram’ on the masjid wall turned out to be a Muslim. Police said Aarif, Adil and Mushahid were involved in cutting off the man’s beard. The victim was not ready to file FIR in the first instance. The local politician has forced the victim to file an FIR, the police said. 

Meanwhile, it is also revealed that the local Samajwadi Party leader Umed Phalwan is the mastermind behind the second video. Interestingly, local Muslims also denied a communal angle to this controversy. 

Union Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has condemned communalization of a criminal incident by a section of the people.