Narrow miss for BJP leads to unnatural celebration in Karnataka


In the context of recent developments in Karnataka, there have been emergence of several views and opinions depending on the beliefs and ideologies one takes side of. In the process, many so-called liberals have endorsed the architecture of the unholy partnership between two traditional arch rivals designed to stop the BJP on its tracks.
The alliance is a marriage of convenience. It has nothing to do with respecting peoples’ mandate. On the other hand what played at Bengaluru was nothing but naked political opportunism.
The fate of the new friendship between JD(S) and Congress is anybody’s guess. The Congress had pulled the rug from under the feet of the Deve Gowda government resulting in a premature ejection of his government.
The BJP leadership should be blamed for not acting fast. The party became complacent with its cadre choosing to celebrate the elusive victory at the BJP headquarters when results were being announced.
BS Yeddyurappa has done an Atal Bihari Vajpayee by resigning before the trust vote which effectively means a honorable exit and ensuring enough sympathy from the constituents. It’s a masterstroke by a seasoned leader and history will judge him on this action. Hope BJP nurtures him at least till 2019 general election since age may not be on his side for long time and reward him suitably as he rightly deserves.



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