Hindu baiters exploit Kathua rape incident to spread hatred on social media


Two infamous Sangh Parivar baiters have come out with a call to shoot 31 percent of the democracy in view of the Kashmir rape. A Facebook post of one Deepak Sankaranarayanan reads: “Justice should prevail even if it means shooting the 31 percent of people (this is twice the casualty during Second World War) who supported Hindutva terrorism. Democracy is for every individual, whatever be the number of people standing against it.”
His objectionable argument is that the 10 accused alone are not responsible for the heinous crime, but that it was carried out with the consent of 31 percent of the Indian democracy. (He means BJP’s vote share in the Lok Sabha polls in 2014 was 31 percent).

Kerala Finance Minister Dr Thomas Isaac

This is a blatant call for violence. Therefore, all sensible people denounced his views. There are reports that some people even got in touch with Deepak’s employers and asked them to sack him for his call for violence. Eventually, Deepak was forced apologise and withdraw his post. However, some RSS baiters got a chance to attack Hindutva forces by supporting Deepak. Kerala Finance Minister Dr Thomas Isaac was one of them. But, since he does not miss a chance to attack RSS, BJP and PM Modi or his supporters, people did not take his comment seriously and he had to give clarifications in his subsequent posts.
The second post echoing the sentiments of Deepak came from Deepa Nishanth, a college teacher infamous for baseless and even indecent posts against Modi, RSS and Hindutva forces. She quoted Deepak’s post with picturesque decorations and posted it on her account. However, her comments were also not taken seriously by reasonable Keralities. It is to be noted that she invited the wrath of Keralites for supporting beef fest in her college last year. Deepa is considered as a blind and diehard follower of CPM and extreme Islamic forces.
Though Deepak and Deepa found some support from CPM followers and Islamic extremists social activists found their call for violence unacceptable. Some of them have decided to file cases against the two baiters for instigating people and spreading hatred in the state.
Opening image: Deepak Sankaranarayanan


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