2 Malappuram students arrested for sedition; role some Malayalam media outlets under scanner

    Two students belonging to an ultra-Left outfit were booked under Sections 124 and 124A of the IPC in Malappuram district in Kerala for putting up anti-India posters.

    The police registered sedition cases against Rinshad, a second-year B Com student, Muhammad Haris, student of Islamic History in Malappuram Government College.

    Initially, they were members of the SFI. It has been found that many Islamist extremists have penetrated into CPI(M) and its outfits to attack Hindu organisations and Hinduism. Most of them operate as CPI(M) activists during day time and members of SDPI during the night. SDPI is the political wing of Islamist extremist outfit Popular Front of India. CPI(M) also encourages such elements to target their political rivals physically.

    There has been a concerted and conscious effort by some media outlets to whip up an anti-India feeling in the wake of Pulwama attack by some television channels and media outlets. This is mostly done by Jamat-e-Islami channel and publications and pro-Left channels like Asianet. In a recent talk show in Media One, a television channel owned by Jamat-e-Islami, former Ambassador TP Sreenivasan complained that the channel ran a pro-Pakistan discussion and he regretted being part of it.

    Meanwhile, a media watch group has compiled a compendium of such reports and plans to take it to the Home Ministry and National Security Advisor.




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