Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 21)


Aries, you need to make the minor adjustments in your schedule. You will have a lot of work to be completed. But you need to focus on your health and creative energies.


Taurus, you pride yourself on being a good communicator. Focus on your skills. In the realm of work, experiment a little. Your original ideas make you a force to reckon with.


Gemini, your mood this week has you focusing on possibilities instead of limitations. This phase of your life requires you to go after your heart’s desires and take a few more risks. Meditate for some time.


Cancer, in order to live a successful life you need to come out of your comfort zone. Explore new areas of activity; meet up with new and creative people; enrich your life. Have faith in god and yourself.


Leo, shed some of your notions of the world and yourself. Keep your ears to the ground. You have immense potential but many times it is your words that do the damage. Be tactful while dealing with higher-ups.


Virgo, Traits of a master manifestor: they know they are one with the Universe and possess the power to think things into reality. As Abraham Hicks puts it, “See them, visualise them, and expect them—and they will be.” Virgo, the Universe needs you to be your most creative self at the moment. Believe in your vision for yourself and the world.


Libra, you have some deep anxieties and worries. There is only one solution: focus on your inner strengths. Fortify your mind. Talk to yourself; take a long walk. Meditate for some time.


Scorpio, money alone will not bring you happiness. Your focus of late has been money. Your worries are temporary. You have been a family-oriented person. Spend more time with them. Do away with the self-limiting beliefs.


Sag, financial planning is very important for you. Your energies are dispersed in various directions. Plan ahead and be extra vigilant about where you put your pennies. You don’t want to have to bear the brunt of your own miscalculations. Be careful of who you are joining hands with as well. Not all risks promise magnificent payoffs.


Cap, you may face some unfavourable situations today. But you are a very tactful person; you know how to deal with such situations. You have some positive traits which are liked by people around you. You are intelligent communicator. Light a lamp and pray to Agni to illuminate your mind.


Aquarius, you’re in no mood to slow down. The time to plan your next big adventure is now. Your career is also illuminated at the moment, given the steady progress. Opportunities for geographical expansion are opening up for you. Pay attention.


Pisces, stop feeding your fears. Stop giving your failures the power to hold you back. Overheard at the cosmic conference: you are allowed to be the most magnificent version of yourself. Make the drastic changes you’re being guided to.