Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (May 28)


Aries, you are in good spirits today. You can expect support from your bosses and seniors. You will have your way with your colleagues and family members. You’re easily going to be able to persuade everyone to get what you want. However, don’t use this ability in a wrong way. Light green is the colour for you today.


Taurus, don’t worry…things are falling in their places. However, today you might have to work a little hard for what you want. Make sure you’re motivated to finish your tasks to achieve your goals for the day. Have faith in god and yourself.


Gemini, you have a very clear state of mind. You know what you want in life. If there are any major decisions you need to take, then today is a good time to do it. If there’s someone you know who might be in a dilemma, you can help them out as well.


Cancer, you have a lot of work to be completed. You’ll feel like taking your life in your own hands and that’s a good thing. Differences crop up in personal life; but you know how to manage. Venture out by yourself and you’ll realise there’s so much you can do, and you don’t really need anyone.


Leo, don’t get worked up with pileup of pending works. Try not to stress too much today. Take it easy and finish them systematically. There’s a lot on your mind but there’s absolutely no need to worry today. You might think that things are not working out for you, but that’s not the case. They’re just taking time to fall in place.



Virgo, open up your mind. If you find out something that you think others around you should know, then share it. This will be beneficial for you and for people around you. It’s best to ask help while making decisions today instead of doing it all by yourself.


Libra, life has been tough these days. But things are moving for the good. A change of place will help get rid of your stress and you’ll also end up seeing an old friend. This is all good for you as it will clear your mind and you’ll be back more focused on your goals.


Scorpio, don’t close your mind to suggestions and advice from others. Let good things come from all sides – that should be your motto in life. Believe in your strengths. That doesn’t mean that you should not take help from others.


Sag, be professional and take the traditional route towards everything. It’s not a good day to be trying something new and taking risks. Stick to what you know and it will be a good day for you. You’ll receive a lot of support from someone very unexpected.


Cap, though you are good at communication be careful about the words you use. Today is a good day for you. Things will go your way and people will understand your eccentric perspective towards things. Meditate sometime for revitalizing your mind.


Aquarius, your boss will be more understanding today. You’re loved and people care about you so don’t stress too much as this is just a passing phase. People around you will be looking up to you for guidance.


Pisces, find new ways of finding information which you don’t know. People might be keeping you out of the loop because they’re protecting you, but remind them that you’re strong enough to handle things yourself so it’s better if the truth is placed in front of you.