12-day Odd-Even Scheme aimed at combating air pollution in Delhi comes into effect

The Odd-Even Scheme to combat air pollution will be implemented in the National Capital. The 12-day scheme will continue till 15th of this month.

Under the scheme, the vehicles with odd last digit registration number will be allowed on roads on odd dates and those with even last digit will ply on even dates. The scheme will be applicable from 8 AM to 8 PM, except on Sundays. Violating the rule will incur a fine of four thousand rupees.

Vehicles of President, Vice President, Prime Minister, State Governors, Chief Justice of India, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Union Ministers, Leaders of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, Chief Ministers of States and Union Territories will also be exempted from the scheme. However, there will be no exemption for the vehicles of Delhi Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues. Privately owned CNG vehicles will not be exempted this time.